You Know You’re A Scorpio When…

Each sign is known for having certain characteristics and certain personality types. If you can relate to the majority of these 8 ideas, there’s a good chance you are a Scorpio.


1) You bottle everything thing up… and then explode

Nobody tries to keep feelings inside as much as a Scorpio. We don’t like to let our emotions show because that could be seen as a sign of weakness. However, we can only last so long before something makes us crack and all of our emotions come spilling out in a matter of seconds.


2) You’ve been told you are mysterious

            Again, we like to keep things inside. We don’t always show people who we really are until we really get to know them. Because of this, people can’t figure us out. They think we are secretive… which may not be totally wrong.

3) You don’t trust anyone

Scorpios have a hard time putting their trust in others. We are extremely independent and don’t like to rely on anyone in fear of being let down.

giphy (1)

4) You have killer instincts

Maybe it’s because of our trust issues that we have learned how to make such quick judgments on people or situations.   Our first instinct is usually the right one. If something doesn’t seem right, a Scorpio will be the first to notice.

5) You love with all you have

            As Scorpios, we have a tendency to feel extreme one side or the other. Because of this, when we love, we love HARD. We become territorial over people we love and will do just about anything to protect them. With being territorial comes being jealous, which is another sign you fit right in with the rest of us Scorpios.

giphy (3)

6) You are not big on small talk

            If the conversation doesn’t have any real meaning, a Scorpio will want nothing to do with it. Anyone who wants to have a conversation with a Scorpio better not start out with some typical conversation starter.

Person: “Nice weather we’re having.”

Scorpio: “eye roll.”

7) You are stubborn

            Once a Scorpio makes up his or her mind, you can forget trying to change it. It’s not worth anyone’s time to try and get a Scorpio to think a certain way. We know what we want and we know how to get it too.

giphy (4)

8) You are intrigued by the unknown

            Scorpios are said to have some kind of “psychic” level of understanding things others don’t. We like to know what is really going on in our world and in other’s. Solar system TRAPPIST-1 anybody?

giphy (5)

I challenge someone who considers themselves to be a Scorpio to say they can’t relate to most, if not all, of these 8 ideas.   And if you are a scorpio and didn’t know what the new solar system TRAPPIST-1 was before reading this, I’m sure you have already Googled it or are on your way to do just that.


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