Let’s talk love.

Intense, deep, passionate, powerful: All words to describe the way a Scorpio loves.

Scorpios are known to want real and long lasting relationships rather than something casual and with little meaning. A Scorpio’s love runs deep in a way that can almost come off as being obsessive because of how much he or she feels when in love. We have an extremely jealous nature, whether we like to admit that or not. This can, and most likely will, put a strain on any relationship. This is also why we need to trust our partner 100%. If we ever feel like there is a reason to get revenge, there is a good chance we will. Scorpios definitely have a reputation for being revengeful and unforgiving when being slighted.


We aren’t all bad though.

Now, let’s talk about a few of the many reasons to want to be with a Scorpio.

Reason #1: Intimacy

The connection with a Scorpio is unlike any other. Scorpios are very well known for their intimate behavior. The intimacy Scorpios are known for goes much deeper than just a physical connection. Don’t get me wrong though, a physical connection is not something that can lack in a relationship with a Scorpio.


Reason #2: Loyalty

For most Scorpios, trust is the most important part of any relationship. Naturally then, it’s expected that Scorpio’s would want to be trustworthy themselves. Scorpio’s partner can sleep well at night not having to worry about Scorpio involving themselves in cheating scandals.

Reason #3: Longevity

Scorpio’s are never easy to forget, so it’s a good thing for their partner that they are in it for the long run. A Scorpio’s determination comes out to play when faced with a relationship problem. If something is not working out, a Scorpio will try to solve the problem rather than just giving up and walking away. If a Scorpio really wants to, he or she can make almost any relationship work.


Reason #4: Protection

A Scorpio will do anything in his or her power to make his or her partner feel protected and safe. Scorpios can get extremely defensive when it comes to their partner. They are always ready to fight for them and will always be on their side.


So, who would a Scorpio be the most compatible with?

This question does not come with a clear-cut answer, but certain signs would work better with Scorpios than others.

Scorpios are Water signs and would get along best with one of the other two Water signs, Cancer or Pisces. A Cancer or Pisces would have the same level of emotion that a Scorpio would have, making it easier to understand them and the moodiness that can sometimes come along with them. Cancer is similar to Scorpio in the dedication they have to their partner, which would allow Scorpio to relax and not feel as jealous. Pisces have a tendency to need to feel wanted, which they would feel from a Scorpio.


Like most things when it comes to Scorpio, their love is extreme but comes with many great qualities.


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