Famous Scorpios

Celebrities, they’re just like us, right?

Well, maybe not quite just like us but they do share some things in common with us. There are so many famous Scorpios, any a lot of them may surprise you at first. If you actually take the time to think about it though, it makes perfect sense. Famous Scorpios are no different than the average day Scorpio.

They are likely to be the celebrity that chooses to keep his or her life more private than the rest. It is highly unlikely you would see them agreeing to be the next E! reality TV show or letting MTV Cribs into their home… I’m not even sure that’s still a show but you get the point.

They are the ones who keep red carpet interviews strictly business or skip them all together.

They would prefer to keep their “Hollywood” lives separate from their personal lives. This goes back to Scorpios being extremely mysterious and keeping a lot of things to themselves.


It is no surprise that there are so many famous Scorpios. Scorpios have a tendency to have a magnetic presence that draws people in and makes them want to know more about who they are. Whether Scorpios like it or not, they bring attention. People always seem to want to get to the bottom of a Scorpio since they are so hesitant to give away too much information.


Scorpios also have a side of determination that is unlike any other sign. This definitely comes in handy when it comes to the competitive culture that is Hollywood. If Scorpio really wants something, they will do whatever they have to do to get it. There is no stopping them.


Scorpios are known for being very passionate and creative, so it is no surprise that many famous Scorpios are singer/songwriters or actors/actresses.


The first Scorpio that comes to my mind when I think of celebrities is Katy Perry. This may be because her and I share the same birthday (Oct. 25th), but it is also because of the fact that she encompasses so many Scorpio traits. Everything from the way she keeps so much about her a mystery to the things she sings about points her in the direction of Scorpio. If you listen to some of her songs, you can tell Katy Perry is very into astrology. There are a few of her songs that talk about astrology like “By The Grace of God” and “It Takes Two.”


Another famous Scorpio that I immediately thought of was Leonardo DiCaprio (Nov. 11th). It is no coincidence that he has played some of the most intense roles in Hollywood. Some of his most well known movies are Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, and The Revenant. These were definitely not the most light-hearted roles, which fits him being a Scorpio.


Kendall Jenner (Nov. 3rd) is also a Scorpio. Her family basically makes a living off of reality TV and other mainstream Hollywood things. Most of the Kardasian/ Jenner family doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with being in the public eye. Kendall, on the other hand, has come out and said she is not the biggest fan of it and has started to keep a lot more to herself. She is not seen on their reality show as much as she used to be and tries to steer clear of paparazzi.


Scroll through this slideshow to see more celebrity Scorpios.

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