Beginner’s Guide: Birth Charts

It’s been all fun and games the past couple posts. We’ve talked about compatibility, celebrities, and how to “know when you’re a Scorpio.” This week, I thought I would switch it up a little bit and talk about something that is a little more complicated. Birth charts. Whenever I used to hear those words, I would just roll my eyes. I wanted to understand them and know how to read them so I could understand and read myself better. Every time I tried to learn about birth charts though, it all just went right over my head. Recently however, I have begun to actually be able to read them and understand what I am looking at. Therefore, this post will be like a beginner’s guide to reading birth charts.


Let’s start off easy. The houses.

The houses are representative of the sky at the time you were born. There are 12 houses, which each have their own meaning. Many people like to consider each house to each be a different area of life. The picture below shows how the houses are split up by numbering them 1-12. In order the houses represent self, possessions, communications, home, creativity, health, marriage, death, mental exploration, career, hopes, and self-undoing. So, for example, someone with a lot of planets in career will likely be hardworking and very involved in their profession.


Next, the signs.

The signs represent the characteristics of the sky at the time of your birth, which in return, represent the characteristics of your life. Your sun sign, the one most people identify with, tells you who you are as a whole. Your moon sign is who you are on the inside, which not many people get to see. Your ascendant sign, based on the time you were born, is how others see you and your descendant sign is how you relate to others.


The last part I will explain in this post is the meaning of the planets.

You have inner planets, outer planets, and a ruling planet. The planets are all the same for each person; it just depends on where they were positioned at the time you were born. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all inner planets. They will tell you about your personality, including communication, romance, and energy. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the outer planets. They represent luck, fears, change, dreams, and power. Your ascending sign determines your ruling planet, which tells you your signature traits.


As you can probably see by now, each of us are so much more than just our sun signs. As proud as I am to call myself a Scorpio, I can now see why I sometimes feel like I fit more into other signs when it comes to certain areas of life. Being able to read my birth chart has made me so much more aware of who I am and why I am the way I am.


I found it really helpful to use interactive birth charts because they kind of teach you as you go. All you need to know is where and when you were born.

These are links to two that I have used and that I thought were relatively easy to use. (this one gives a lot of detailed info) (this one was the easiest for me)



Like I said earlier, this is just the beginning of my understand birth charts. If there is anything important that I left out of this post, feel free to comment and add to it. I would love to learn more!


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