Why Scorpio is Your Best Friend

Scorpios have a tendency to come off as extremely intense people. We don’t usually enjoy small talk, so we cut right to the chase when it comes to getting to know someone. Anyone who is brave enough to give a Scorpio a chance will only benefit from it in the end. Scorpios have so many qualities that, when combined, make up one of the best friends in the zodiac.

Here is a list of the top reasons for befriending a Scorpio:

They are protective

Not only of you, but also of your friendship with them. Scorpio will not let any of their close friends get hurt by anything or anyone. With a Scorpio best friend, you have a built in bodyguard.  Scorpio will always have your back, no matter what. You could go months without talking to Scorpio and the second you need them they will be there.

They are loyal

Scorpio will not let anything or anyone come between a close friendship. Scorpio will take your friendship very seriously. Even when it feels like nobody else is there, you can always turn to Scorpio. The only way Scorpio would break that loyalty is if you do something that makes them feel slighted. In that case, you probably won’t hear from your Scorpio friend again.

They are honest

As a friend, Scorpio will always tell you like it is. They won’t sugar coat the truth just to save your feelings. This may come off as mean or uncaring, but it is really just Scorpio’s way of helping you get to the best outcome possible.

They are secretive

Your secret is safe with Scorpio. You can tell them pretty much anything and they won’t tell a soul. Scorpios keep secrets themselves, so they understand not wanting too many people to know certain things. Their lips are sealed.

They have great intuition

This is one of Scorpio’s most unique features. They can tell if that new boy is really who he says he is or if that new girl is actually one to keep around.  AND because of their honesty, they won’t hesitate to tell you if someone seems like bad news.

They are patient

Go ahead, change your mind 100 times before you finally make a decision and stick with it. Scorpio will wait. They are, for the most part, easy-going and know how to keep their cool.

They are inspiring

Scorpio’s determination is unstoppable. They have the willpower to accomplish just about anything. As Scorpio’s friend, you will see this and there is a good chance it will make you want the same for yourself.

They are mysterious

This is part of Scorpio’s charm. They will keep you wanting more because you will be so intrigued by the part of them that they keep hidden. You will want to get to know them on a much deeper level because of how far deep they go.

So, see for yourself. Next time you meet a Scorpio, don’t write them off right them and there. They may seem distant or uninterested, but give them a chance and they may just change your life for the better.




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